Drinks - The Classics

The Classic Dry Martini - $11.00
Plymouth gin and a dash of dry vermouth with a squeeze of lemon twist. No cocktail recipe is more energetically argued over than the classic dry martini. We've done our best to settle the argument with this original recipe from the 1920s. Updated with Plymouth gin, a drier aromatic gin, which is made at Blackfriars Distillery in England.

The Dirty Martini - $11.00
Plymouth gin, olive brine, and dry vermouth with an olive.

The Orange Blossom - $11.00
Tanqueray gin, muddled orange slices, and a splash of orange juice. One of the favourites during the Prohibition era when the orange juice was used to mask the taste of "bathtub" gin.

The Gimlet - $11.00
Plymouth gin, middled lime slices, and Rose's lime juice. This 1930s recipe is a tartly flavoured drink that has not lost any of its pizazz.

The Gibson - $11.00
Plymouth gin, dry vermouth, and two cocktail onions. Named after the American illustrator, Charles Dana Gibson, who found the cocktail onion more to his liking than the traditional olive.

The Vesper $11.50
Brokers gin, vodka, and a swirl of Lillet Blanc. From Ian Fleming's 1953 novel Casino Royale, Vesper Lynd was the name of the female spy opposite James Bond.

Let Us Entertain You

Marionberry Cosmopolitan - $11.00
Vodka, orange liqueur, lime juice, and cranberry juice with a squeeze of Marionberry puree. You'll never back to your old cosmo!

Limoncello Drop - $11.00
Vodka, Pallini Limoncello, and a squeeze of fresh lemon with a sugar rim. A great twist on a favorite.

Red Apple Martini - $11.00
Vodka, Bacardi Apple, splash of Crown Royal, and cranberry juice. Ready for another apple martini?

Hazelnut Chocolate Martini - $11.50
Vodka, Godiva Dark chocolate liqueur, and Hazelnut Espresso vodka from Bend Distillery with a powdered chocolate rim. Chocolate lovers rejoice!

Blood Orange Kamikaze - $11.00
Vodka, orange liqueur, lime juice, and blood orange juice. This one speaks for itself - with an incredible taste.

The Exotics

The Rose City Martini - $11.00
Hendricks gin, a squeeze of imported rose water, lime, and simple syrup. Inspired by our fair city of Portland.

The Pearl - $11.50
Vodka, Godiva White chocolate liqueur, and Stoli Vanilla vodka with a white chocolate rim. Decadence in a glass.

Spicy Peach - $11.00
Stoli Peach vodka, lime, middled Serrano chilies, and simple syrup. Yes it is spicy!

The Peruvian - $11.00
Mazama Pepper vodka, mango puree, and lime juice.

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